Vucic: For me, the most important thing is the free circulation of wares rather than recognitions of Kosovo

schedule14:19 - 12 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 14:19 - 12 Nëntor, 2019

For Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, the most important is the circulation of freight services then how to recognize or understand Kosovo’s independence.

Asked if he had received support for the “mini Schengen” from Macron , Vucic replied that he would not call the initiative by that name, though it has already become in daily use, as it annoys some people and because of its geographical determinant.

“No one can say that the initiative cannot bother anyone. The initiative is supported by the US and French President Macron.

But some countries, because of domestic politics, they should tell you that they are against it but we must take our destiny by solving our problems’, – the Serbian president said, adding that the so-called ‘mini Schengen’ is ‘more important than the recognition of Kosovo’.

He also said the initiative would contribute to reduce the removal of citizens from their respective countries and a greater percentage of those who have left will return back.

Vucic said there is much hope for the Ohrid initiative that it will reduce unemployment as professionals in different fields may also operate outside their home country.

Balkan Mini Schengen project was rejected yesterday by Kosovo’s projected Prime Minister,

Vetevendosje leader Albin Kurti,  said that the initiative is a dangerous course, alluding to Serbia’s secret intentions.

He urged Prime Minister Edi Rama not to haste, whereas Tirana and Pristina should be consulted before attending the summits./