Report of SPAK: Most problematic Albanians in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, foreign authorities send 69 letters

schedule10:56 - 12 Prill, 2021

schedule 10:56 - 12 Prill, 2021

The report of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution for joint investigations with foreign authorities during 2020 has been  revealed. ABC learns that SPAK has received and sent dozens of requests for legal aid in the last year and in the first month of 2021.

Sources suggest that SPAK has cooperated with them mainly to apprehend persons involved in narcotics trafficking, a criminal group.


According to SPAK data, Albanians are more problematic for drug trafficking and cultivation in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

According to the report throughout 2020, foreign authorities have brought to Albania 69 orders, most of them from Italy and related to drug issues, as well as 41 have been sent by SPAK to EU countries, where again assistance is required for the capture of persons involved in drug matters.

The second charge for which Albanians in foreign countries are accused and investigated is that of money laundering, which is mostly related to drug activity./