Luftar Reci to testify on trial for murder of Vajdin Lame

schedule10:19 - 20 Mars, 2023

schedule 10:19 - 20 Mars, 2023

Trial for the murder of Vajdin Lame and Klodian Saliu started in the Special Court against Organized Crime and Corruptin (GJKO) this Monday.

Luftar Reci, who cooperated with the prosecutor’s office to solve the murders of 18 years ago, will testify today.

Court hearing will take place behind closed doors, with the argument that the security of the witness is compromised and at the same time information may be made public that may harm the process.

Meanwhile, Viktor Ymeri, Emilajno Shullazi, Plaurent Dervishaj, Lulzim Berisha, Indrit Rusi, Indrit Taullai and Luftar Reci have been charged for the two murders of 2005, when Vajdin Lame and Klodian Saliu were killed in two different episodes.