Xhafaj talks about KCK interventions: The purpose is not effective

schedule11:59 - 6 Shkurt, 2020

schedule 11:59 - 6 Shkurt, 2020

During the discussions in the Law Commission Minister Xhafaj spoke about “Anti KCK”.

Xhafaj stressed out that politicians should be cautious and in his view is not a positive thing.

“Why didn’t the government do this initiative themselves? The purpose is not effective.

Our approach is not only political but also constitutional. We have the new organs of the system. We can’t talk like yesterday. Today we have KLGJ, KLP and ILD ”, he stated.

Journalist Esiona Konomi reports that he emphasized that the KLGJ and KLP speak less: “I am sorry that with this strong public debate led by the Prime Minister, KLGJ and KLP speak less, they should be the institutions that should be heard most strongly.

As for the case of the judge Kruja he stressed out  that he still does not have a public stance. /abcnews.al