Vlora, two arrested for hitting brother-in-law with car

schedule11:06 - 31 Mars, 2023

schedule 11:06 - 31 Mars, 2023

Two brothers have been declared wanted by the Vlora police after allegedly hitting their brother-in-law with a vehicle.

The incident happened on Thursday due to a family conflict. As a result, the 38-year-old with the initials A.M., who is currently in the hospital under the care of doctors, was injured.

“The crime investigation specialists of the Vlorë Police Station referred the materials to the Prosecutor’s Office and declared wanted citizens M. D., 34 years old and B. D., 37 years old (brothers), both residents of the village of Kot, as it is suspected that yesterday, for a family conflict, they hit their sister’s husband with a vehicle, citizen A. M., 38 years old, resident of Vlora, who is currently in the hospital, receiving medical care”, informed the Police.