Three arrested for cultivated narcotic in Vlora and Saranda, among them a woman

schedule14:51 - 5 Shtator, 2020

schedule 14:51 - 5 Shtator, 2020

Police have arrested three people in Vlora and Ksamil. They are accused for criminal narcotics activity. Among the arrested is a woman. According to the police, the citizen S., 48 years old, resident in the village of Vajza, Vlora, has been handcuffed after being caught in a territorial area of ​​a village, cultivating some seedlings suspected of cannabis sativa.

Meanwhile have been arrested the citizien F.D, 24 y.o and A.K. 21 y.o, after they were caught in Ksamil.  The police has found doses of narcotics suspected as cannabis sativa. The materials were referred to the Prosecution for further action.