The opposition has made a new proposal for the election of KQZ members

schedule12:27 - 18 Qershor, 2020

schedule 12:27 - 18 Qershor, 2020

After the agreement on electoral reform, political parties have again discussed over the election formula for the members of the Central Election Commission.

It has been  learned that the opposition has made a new proposal for the election of the members of the Central Election Commission, abandoning the procedure of selecting KQZ members by the ombudsman and returning him to the Assembly.

According to the new formula proposed by the opposition, the 12 new members of the KQZ will be elected by the Assembly.

Their proposal, demands that the MPs should not be included in the Commission.

New proposal on the KQZ:

In any case, we would like to inform you that the new proposal of the Opposition, recognizing the exclusivity of the Assembly in this process, has make the necessary changes to the draft that has been part of the timely discussions to reflect the agreement of June 5, and provides a formula of the same as we have agreed on Justice Reform, with the aim of maintaining the independence and professionalism of the new KQZ, and the guarantees  of the parties so that the selection can be balanced and consensual.

Proposal II of the Opposition on the KQZ

Article 17 of the draft before 5 June 2020, which continues to be supported by the Socialist Party, must be reformulated in accordance with the Agreement reached between the political parties on 5 June 2020.

The Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner, the members of the Regulator and the members of the KAS are elected by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, according to the rules and procedures provided in this article.

The deadline for the application is 15 days. In the application, the candidate determines the vacancy for which he is interested. In case the candidate has not determined any preference for the vacancy, it will considered that he applies for all vacancies.

The candidate’s application is registered in the protocol register of the Albanian Parliament. The candidate is provided with a document certifying the application number, date and list of submitted documents. Attached to the application, the candidate should have 2 copies of the required documents certifying the fulfillment of the criteria.

Within 5 days from the end of the application process, the President of the Assembly will set up a Commission to assess the fulfillment of the criteria by the candidates, with 3 members, proportionally appointed 2 members from the largest parties of the majority.

The Ad Hoc committee , after holding a hearing session with the candidates, may decide to remove  a candidate from the list of candidates who do not fulfill the  criteria to the list of candidates.

After the completion of the list of candidates who  fulfill the formal criteria, the Ad Hoc Selection Commission will start the procedure for selecting candidates.

Article 13, paragraph 1

“1. The Commissioner is elected by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania for a 4-year mandate.”.

In Article 16

The KAS consists of 5 members, who are elected by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania for a 6-year term, renewable, according to the procedure defined in this law. ”

“Article 21/1


Approved decisions, when we have  4 pro from  the members of the  KQZ about:

a) distribution of mandates for each constituency;

b) accepting the appeal against the decision for approval of the summary chart for the result of the elections of the electoral zone and the decisions related to the appeals against the decisions of the KQZ for the results of the local government;

c) requests for invalidation of elections in one or several polling stations;

d)the invalidation of the elections in the constituency or in the whole country and their repetition;

e)acts of normative character and which aim should be regulated about the issues related to the elections;

f) the proposal for dismissal of the KQZ member;

g) approval of the organic structure of the KQZ, as well as the regulation of the functioning of the KQZ;

h) assignment of mandates for each constituency;

i) the appointment of electoral administration areas.

The other decisions are approved by a majority of KQZ members./