Ronaldo and Buffon meet with the childrens who jumped from the 5th floor during the earthquake in Albania

schedule14:20 - 7 Dhjetor, 2019

schedule 14:20 - 7 Dhjetor, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gigi Buffon meet two little guys, Aurel and Alesio, who survived the Albania quake.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has published the video from the moment of the meeting.

The two Juventus players have gave to them t-shirts with autographs.

“A surprise for Aurel and Alesio, two liitle boys who jumped from the windows of the palace during the quake, and that after leaving the hospital they must restart their path of life, we wish them long, health and joy ”, writes Prime Minister on his Facebook page.

The two little guys were surprised all the time while Ronaldo and Buffon seem unaware of the purpose of the meeting and the tragic earthquake that happen in Albania.


Personnel: Good Evening! Welcome, here is the room.

Rama: Good Evening!

Rama: Thank you. These two children have suffered a tragedy from the earthquake, this one has flown from the 3rd floor and the other from the 5th floor. And later I asked him( refers to Aurel), why he did that?

He answered saying to me : I love Cristiano Ronaldo so i flew and his dream is a t-shirt signed by Cristiano.

Rama: Thank you very much indeed because they are…..Aurel lifts the hat because he feels embarrassing.

Buffon: Are they brothers?

Rama: No they are not, they lived in the same palace but had a tragedy and lost their families

Buffon: Now with what can I help?

Rama: We are waiting for the t-shirts  …

Personnel: We will have them now.

Buffon: How old are they?

Rama : He is (Aurel) 8 years old and the other (Alesio) is 10 years old

Journalist: When happened the tragedy?

Rama: It happened on the night of November 26th, it was terrible, we lost 51 people.

Buffon: All the quake?

Rama: Yes one of the strongest quake

Buffon: He has the eyes of Marco Verrati (Refers to Aurel)

Buffon: Do you play football?

Alesio: Yes

Rama: Yes he does play, but is a bit healthy

Buffon: Needs training

The personnel comes with the players’ T-shirts to sign for them.

Buffon: This I believe fits for Alesio

Meanwhile Cristiano gives his T-shirt to Aurel and takes pictures all together.

Rama: Thank you very much Cristiano. This is not just for them but for the children of our whole country. Thank you very much.

Cristiano : No problem!

Rama: You have important match tomorrow

Cristiano : Yes, we have

Rama: I am a very close friend with Igli Tare

Rama addresses to Aurel: Embrace now Cristiano. After him, also Alesio hugs Ronaldo.

Buffon: Goodbye little babies

Rama: Cristiano, thank you very much, very kind of you.

Rama: Thanks and you Gigi. I’m a Fan of Juventus but we will talk about this another time.

Buffon: Of course, I know there is a big Juventin fan club in Albania

Rama: Yes of course,and you are a pope

Buffon: (Laugh) Thanks and goodbye

Rama addresses to Aurel :I brought to you Cristiano and a T-shirt singed from him. Are you happy now?

While he says something to Alesio too:” Now you have a T-shirt signed from Gigi but I will bring Donnarumma shirt too, do not think I forgot”.

Alesio: Yes, I know

Rama: We will leave now. And give thanks to the personnel.

A woman from the personnel said to Rama: We have met before

Rama: Yes, I know. Tomorrow you have an important match

The woman: Very important

Rama: Igli has told me it’s hard but we will win anyway

Rama addresses to one man of the personnel saying that his name is kalabrese and being kalabrese is almost as Arbëreshë and is like being Albanian and (laugh).

Personnel: Thank you and see you again./