PM hosted by General Abass: Albanian children to be returned from syrian refugee camps

schedule11:47 - 27 Tetor, 2020

schedule 11:47 - 27 Tetor, 2020

 Prime Minister Edi Rama was hosted by Lebanon’s General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim, shortly before PM’s return to the Homeland with the Albanian children who were in the Al-Hol camp in Syria.

From Beirut, the head of the Albanian government publicly thanked the general for his invaluable assistance in returning other children from Syria. In this visit, Prime Minister Rama is accompanied by Interior Minister Sander Lleshaj. The plane that brings them to Albania is expected to land in Rinas around 13:30.

“Beirut – With General Abass before returning home with the children, to thank him for his invaluable assistance, as well as to confirm face to face the continuation of the operation for the return of other children, writes Rama.

Four Albanian children and one of their mother’s will be returned to Albania from refugee camps in Syria./