DP’s candidate for local elections in Kruja withdraws

schedule11:33 - 30 Mars, 2023

schedule 11:33 - 30 Mars, 2023

Another Democratic Party (DP) candidate for the May 14 elections has withdrawn from the race.  It is about the candidate of the municipality of Krujë, Sabah Sheta, who announced his decision through a post on Facebook.

With the withdrawal from the race, Sabah Sheta brings to 6 the number of resigned candidates of Enkelejd Alibeaj for the local elections, as those of the municipalities of Vora, Korca, Lezha, Librazhdi, Kurbin announced their withdrawal earlier.

“These days I received hundreds of messages of support from democrats and citizens who want a new leadership for Kruja. On the one hand, I felt honored for their trust, but I cannot leave without mentioning the second part of the messages from the citizens. They regret that the opposition is divided, giving Edi Rama another chance in Kruja.

I have reflected these days and decided not to become part of any political farce, not to serve the division of the democrats and my citizens, those who respected us as a political force and voted for us en masse on April 25, 2021. This is the main reason why I have decided to withdraw from running for the Municipality of Kruja on behalf of DP. But that doesn’t mean I’ll leave the battlefield! I will ask for every vote for the Democratic Party logo, because Democrats and citizens deserve to be represented as much and as best as possible by a party not captured by the oligarchs, that is not on the US blacklist. I am convinced that our battle for May 14 should not take place, at least in Kruja; it will not be a battle among themselves, but only with the government!

In Kruja, everyone knows my personal effort before the Primaries, but also after them, to have a common and comprehensive process. I asked to join, but Mr. Berisha’s plans were different. Before the unification of the democrats against Edi Rama, Sali Berisha decided to divide us in order to cooperate with Ilir Meta.

With my withdrawal from the race for mayor, I want to convey a message to the citizens of Kruja, Fushe Kruje, Nikle, Thumane, Bubqi and Malesia on May 14, vote for the list of councilors with the logo of the Democratic Party. The time when we give away power, either to Edi Rama, or to Ilir Meta, is over. It is time to strengthen the Democratic Party and secure its future!”, stated Sheta.