Yuri Kim in Durres: We will do everything we can

schedule15:10 - 31 Janar, 2020

schedule 15:10 - 31 Janar, 2020

US Ambassador Yuri Kim was in Durres today, the  most affected area by the November 26 earthquake.

As he officially took her duty, Kim was in Durres to see the situation. The ambassador reiterated US support.

“It’s important for friends to celebrate together but more important is to help each other when we most need.

I just came from my visit to Red Cross Albanian because I don’t wanted to see only the damage.

I want that Albanian people to know that your American friends will always be with you.

I was very touched to see the contributions that we are giving. Despite the people who came to rescue people under rubble we also had engineers here.

We will continue to work with the Albanian government to do everything we can, ”Kim said./abcnews.al