The murder of the Albanian in Iceland, police revealed strong details

schedule11:09 - 23 Shkurt, 2021

schedule 11:09 - 23 Shkurt, 2021

Investigations about the murder of Albanian Armando Beqiri continue in Iceland. Local media report that investigators have already seized some images and computer data that could lead to the clarification of the case.

More than 20 investigators are being handled in the case in question, while at least 10 people are in custody. However, the deadline for holding three of them expires today and it is expected that the police will request an extension of time for one of them who is also the main suspect.

The media also report that police believe they know what kind of weapon was used in the murder, but it has not been confirmed that the latter has been seized. In addition to computer-related items, police seized weapons and cars after raids on apartments.

Regarding the murder, the main suspect, who has been arrested, is an Albanian in whose apartment traces of a weapon were found, but he himself has denied involvement in the crime. / /