Minister of Health: Reopening the country makes it difficult to track contacts

schedule13:19 - 2 Qershor, 2020

schedule 13:19 - 2 Qershor, 2020

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, announced that the capacity of this hospital is 100 beds.

She further stressed out that special attention has been paid and that there is no need for large attendance, adding that within the system the maximum has been done to respond to the needs of citizens.

“Today we would be making other balances if we had not taken these measures. Our job now is to protect health personnel. If we had not been careful, we would not have had these results “, said Manastirliu.

Reopening the country makes it difficult to track contacts, stated the Minister of Health.

In all remote areas, the system must be equipped with new ambulances. We will continue to work with the family doctor, with digitalization and the use of technology./