Meta’s message: We must unite against depopulation

schedule09:20 - 30 Janar, 2020

schedule 09:20 - 30 Janar, 2020

President Ilir Meta started the day with a message. Referring to an article that says Albanian businesses are replacing work places with citizens from Asia and Africa, the head of state is calling for a resolution of the crisis.

Meta says we must “unite against depopulation!”

Full message:

Dear citizens,

Resolving the deep political and institutional crisis is a must to curb the country’s dramatic depopulation rates.

While all political forces must engage with concrete facts to motivate Albanians, and especially young people, to have better employment and career opportunities here.

A place without youth,is  like a childless home!

Albania deserves a secure future!

Let’s unite against depopulation!

Time is running and there is no turning back