Meta, in a conference with the media talks about the energy crisis

schedule14:00 - 28 Shtator, 2022

schedule 14:00 - 28 Shtator, 2022

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, in a conference for the media, has raised concerns about the energy crisis that has affected the country and abuses in energy bills.

Meta said that there were citizens who were overbilled, while he pointed to the government’s failure in this sector as a factor in the crisis.

The denunciations of many citizens who were overbilled while they were not in their homes at all, but were abroad during the last months, have started. I want to emphasize that this unjustified situation of increasing the price of energy.

The factors of this energy crisis are the failures and unfulfilled promises of the government in this sector. The situation is dramatic, we don’t even have 0.1% of renewable energy,” said Meta.