Kuçova NATO base, Rama: 5 projects will be divided  into three packages

schedule12:00 - 20 Janar, 2022

schedule 12:00 - 20 Janar, 2022

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated during the ceremony for the start of works at the NATO air base in Kuçova that 5 projects will be divided  into three packages.

“The news of this NATO decision-making was very welcome because it not only created a new value in the Defense infrastructure but also conveyed a new energy in our effort to utilize our strategic position and our position in NATO politically and militarily.  We are aware of the size of our country and the volume of our contribution in relation to other countries but also thanks to the joint work that has taken cooperation with the US to another level.

And thanks to the support we are finding from the US and US defense structures, we are becoming aware that if we invest intelligently and address our path of strengthening and enhancing the quality of our military forces we can be of added value to NATO, also with other projects. We are seeing a project realized that when it first came out was incredible for many. I remember how much it was ridiculed and how much this process was followed by comments and opinions according to which this moment would never happen for Kuçova to return to the air base where 5 projects will be implemented divided into three packages. “Kuçova area will have a benefit as it comes from the sky”, said Rama.

He stated that the Defender exercise that took place in 2021 is intended to be held every two years to connect the countries of the region with the NATO armed forces.

The largest NATO military exercise in this part of the world but also from which we have learned important things to improve further. We are in a favorable position to return this exercise here in 2023. Our ambition is for this exercise to be a thread that connects the countries with the NATO Armed Forces every two years. We still have a lot to gain from the future in terms of developing and strengthening our position. In the sense of having an importance, but it is also important because it gives us the opportunity to learn from the best “, he declared.