Ilir Meta talks about January 21st: Politics have used citizens dishonestly

schedule15:55 - 21 Janar, 2020

schedule 15:55 - 21 Janar, 2020

President Ilir Meta gave an interview to Abc News journalist Mimoza Kociu where he spoke for the first time about the January 21, 2011 event, which were killed 4 opposition protesters (SP).

Also Ilir Meta has talked about political actuality, such as the of electoral reform.

Nine years after January 21st when the “Dëshmorët e Kombit”  boulevard was bled with 4 victims, President Ilir Meta says citizens were abused by politics.

” January 21st reminds to us that politics has used violence to achieve political objectives in a dishonest way.

It reminds us that we must give up violence to achieve political issues, “Meta said in an interview with Abc News.

Asked about the electoral reform, Meta said it was “a positive step, but insufficient”.

Ilir Meta: It is a positive step because the fulfillment of the electoral reform is the demand of the Bundestag and the main condition  for opening the negotiations.

It’s required another deeper, more responsible meeting to fulfill all the obligations. . It has to go beyond electoral reform because it will not solve anything extraordinary./