“Historical Act”, is signed first coalition between a macedonian and albanian party

schedule15:50 / 27/02/2020

LSDM  leader, former North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Besa leader Bilal Kasami have signed a pre-election coalition in the context of the April elections.

This is also the first coalition between an Albanian and a Macedonian party.

Zaev and Bilalli immediately after signing the pre-election coalition agreement stated that this is a historical act.

Kasami said to the Albanian voters to seize this historic opportunity because this coalition is a continuation of the NATO train that will also join the EU.

Zoran Zaev stressed out that is being built a state that has opportunities for everyone.

General elections in northern Macedonia will be held on April 12./abcnews.al

schedule15:50 / 27/02/2020