Fredi Beleri appeal to the Durres’s Court to take the oath as the mayor of Himara

schedule11:04 - 30 Shtator, 2023

schedule 11:04 - 30 Shtator, 2023

Fredi Beleri has applied to the Durres Court of First Instance to be allowed to take the oath as the mayor of Himara. Journalist Leonidha Musaj reports that the request has been submitted to the court two days ago and will be examined in the following days.

The case has been assigned to Judgde Rexhep Bekteshi. We remind you that a few days ago, the Supreme Court rejected Fredi Beleri’s appeal for the second time.

The elected mayor of Himara wanted a more lenient measure of security than prison arrest. Earlier, Beler, who was arrested two days before the May 14 elections, was denied freedom even by the Special Court.

Despite the arrest before the elections, he managed to win the race for the head of the Municipality of Himara, but so far he has not been able to take the oath as mayor.