60 minutes in SPAK, Shkelzen Berisha: I was interrogated as a person who has knowledge about “Gerdec”

schedule11:50 - 26 Janar, 2023

schedule 11:50 - 26 Janar, 2023

The son of the former prime minister, Sali Berisha, came out of the premises of SPAK after more than an hour of being interrogated about the incident in Gerdec.

He stated that he was in the capacity of a person who knows about the event.

Berisha expressed his surprise at the fact that he was called by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, since he has no knowledge and has made public what he had to say.

“I was called in the capacity of a person who has knowledge of the incident in Gërdec. I have nothing to do with this event, I repeated what I said publicly.

I am impressed by the fact that the same prosecutor said 15 years ago that he does not consider these statements necessary”, said Shkëlzen Berisha, among other things.

Regarding the letter to the Ministry of Justice, for which former minister Aldo Berisha also testified in SPAK, Shkëlzen Berisha denied having anything to do with it, even though he did not deny the meetings held in the Ministry of Justice.

“I have nothing to do with the document, the Prosecutor’s Office must say after 15 years who wrote that document. I think that without a doubt the prosecution should say whose calligraphy it is, if it is not a forgery. There is no such note in the original.

For me to enter the Ministry of Justice to meet my friends does not mean that I make decisions about the Ministry of Justice.” – said Shkëlzen Berisha.

Among other things, he said that he will come to SPAK as soon as the special prosecution requests him, as a legal obligation, while he stated that he does not feel at all endangered.