The opposition has ready its own draft

schedule15:37 - 23 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 15:37 - 23 Nëntor, 2019

The Democratic Party and its allies are in the process of finalizing their draft on electoral reform.

In an interview for Abc News, former MP Oerd Bylykbashi explains that some concrete proposals will be presented in the upcoming days.

The united opposition has its draft ready with concrete proposals for electoral reform and starting from next week the 3 groups set up in blue headquarters will officially present their alternative to a new Electoral Code.

Oerd Bylykbashi explains in an interview for Abc News that, a number of proposals have already been formulated to address major issues, such as the financing of political parties and election campaigns.

According to the Democrats, the most important are issues related to political will which according to Bylykbashi can only be handled by a technical government.

The use of technology in elections will top the opposition’s proposals.

The model offered by the majority is opposed by Democrats.

The Special Electoral Reform Commission is working on the draft by Assembly experts while the opposition through a group of experts is working on another alternative draft.

The parties have accepted the presence of the OSCE, as an arbitrator to reach a consensual product which will be approved by the Assembly of Albania./