The number of infected has increased in Albania, 4 women have tested positive for coronavirus

schedule10:35 - 17 Prill, 2020

schedule 10:35 - 17 Prill, 2020

Sources for ABC News report that 4 employees of a tailoring department in the city of Kruja have tested positive for coronavirus while a new case has been confirmed in Fushë Krujë.

As soon as the cases in the tailoring department were ascertained, were taken measures  to immediately close the tailoring shop, a shoe factory with about 250 employees, and the vegetable fruit market in the city also  was closed.

The number of people infected  by Covid-19 in the district of Kruja goes to 11, but the situation in the city of Kruja seems not good due to the cases found in the tailoring where the number of employees, mainly women is high./