The fine of 44 million euros, SMI publishes the letter that Haxhinasto sent to P.M, Rama

schedule14:24 - 7 Shtator, 2020

schedule 14:24 - 7 Shtator, 2020

The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) reacted after the accusations of the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, that the violations in the Tirana-Elbasan highway were committed at the time when the Minister was Edmond Haxhinasto of the SMI.

In an official statement, the SMI published the letter that former Minister Haxhinasto addressed to Prime Minister Edi Rama in 2016, where, among other things, he informed him about the problems with the Greek firm for this highway.

We recall that the International Court of Arbitration (ICC) has given the right to the Greek company, “Actor”, for additional work on the highway Tirana-Elbasan, fining Albania with 44 million dollars.

“In the next attempt to throw mud at the SMI, Belinda Balluku ordered by Edi Rama has issued a misinformative statement against the SMI.

We inform you that before mentioning the name of the SMI you should call to clarify:Mrs. Eridana Cano former Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the Renaissance Edi Rama. The person appointed by Rama for following the progress of this project and communication with ARA, the Ministry and the Greek company AKTOR.

Mr. Arben Ahmetaj, former Minister of Finance and the person who signed and approved budgets, expropriations and VAT refunds. The arbitration was lost precisely because of non-refund of VAT and expropriation.

Mr. Afrim Qendro, who was the chairman of the Technical Council and was the one who approved any project changes that had an effect on the budget.

And call for questioning even Taulant Balla, who not only used his brother-in-law and sister to transfer money but also the list of people he employed in Elbasan.

Finally, we call on the Prosecution to find out why the communication e-mails between Eridana Cano and the heads of the project management unit Mr. Aksel Gjurduka and Mr. Albens Alite have disappeared?

Before Mrs. Balluku to make angry statements against Damian Gjiknuri, we advise her to look at the letters carefully. Since she is also a former student of the Faculty of Law in Tirana.

The complaint of the Greek firm AKTOR came to ARA, a week after Dashamir Xhika resigned. The handling of these complaints should have been considered by Damian Gjiknuri and Afrim Qendro.

When the SMI is so important, why the Greek firm has started the lawsuit with the Albanian government in 2019, 2 years after the SMI was in opposition and why Prime Minister Rama has not taken any action against the information that the SMI Minister Mr. Haxhinasto provided in March 2016, through an official letter on the problems with the Greek company on the Tirana-Elbasan road, that’s all ” SMI declared.