Renowned albanian actor and director Pirro Mani, dies at age 89

schedule14:50 - 3 Qershor, 2021

schedule 14:50 - 3 Qershor, 2021

The renowned Albanian actor, Pirro Mani died on Thursday, age 89. Mani was one of the most prominent personalities in the history of Albanian theater. An excellent director and lecturer, he worked at the National Theater for 25 years.

He studied at the State Institute of Theatrical Arts, GITIS, Moscow. After returning to his homeland, he was appointed director of the “AZ Çajupi” Theater, Korça, which he successfully directed for about eight years.

From 1967 to 1992 he was the director of the National Theater, where he staged dozens of plays.  He has won many awards and has been honored with the high title” People’s Artist “.


Meanwhile, the famous actor had left his homeland for several years and lived in New York, USA, together with his wife, the well-known actress Pavlina Mani and his daughter, Jola./