Rama: Agreements reached address the need to facilitate trade exchanges between two countries

schedule14:23 - 26 Nëntor, 2021

schedule 14:23 - 26 Nëntor, 2021

Prime Minister Edi Rama and his Kosovo counterpart, Albin Kurti, after the joint meeting of the two governments, sat at a roundtable discussion with representatives of Albanian manufacturing and exporting companies.

During his speech, Rama underlined that the agreements reached address the need to facilitate trade exchanges between the two countries.

“It is positive that in these years there is a constant upward trend in our trade exchanges, but we believe that the potential is even greater and beyond what belongs to the business is our task to realize trade exchanges.

Even today, some of the agreements made address the need to facilitate these exchanges. It is a work started several years ago between the customs administrations. But now we have a joint action plan. There is a need for further improvements.

From the first contact and then in the first most structured meeting of my visit to Pristina, we have set this issue as one of the priorities of the work of the two governments.

On the other hand we believe that another agreement signed today to facilitate trade between the few will further facilitate the whole process of customs processing. The performance of the procedures and controls of the other country for the goods by the customs personnel of this country will be located near the customs areas of the host country. This is your long-standing request.

“Progress has been made on tariff barriers, but there are still problems,” Rama said.

In the end, the Prime Minister focused on the recognition of veterinary certificates. Humorously, Rama said that the EU does not integrate their sheep, but that does not prevent them from integrating each other’s sheep.

“We have removed this evil from the road. With the recognition of certificates, all products of animal origin, even non-animal ones, will be in a liberalized regime. If you get the certificate in Kosovo, it is valid in Albania as well. “a passport will not be required for the living thing”, said Rama.  / abcnews.al