PM appeal to emigrants to return to Albania: 5000 euros to rebuild the grandfather’s house

schedule13:36 - 12 Prill, 2021

schedule 13:36 - 12 Prill, 2021

Prime Minister Edi Rama has appeal on Albanian emigrants this Monday, to return to their country for investments.

The Socialist leader said, during his speech in Belsh, that in the third term, the government will give a 5,000 euro grant to every emigrant who comes and rebuilds his father’s or grandfather’s house, in order to promote agritourism.



“We will have 4 thousand visitors a week in Belsh. We have decided that during the third term, we will give a 5 thousand euro grant to every emigrant who will come to Albania to rebuild the house of his grandparents, or to every emigrant father to turn these houses into parts of the engine in the possibility of bringing money.

An amnesty for those immigrants who want to invest here, said Rama./