Meta: Sovereignty belongs to the people

schedule14:36 - 16 Korrik, 2020

schedule 14:36 - 16 Korrik, 2020

President Ilir Meta in a communication to the media said he was determined for every decision that people will decide. He said that he will stand by the people, left and right, or even those without a party.

In 2008 the amendment of the Constitution was a serious mistake. I am not here for this issue but for 15 points. The warnings have been clear but may be in the interest of those who seek riots in the country.

Sovereignty belongs to the people, you have it in point 6 of the constitution. We will not choose any Eastern model, we have our democracy and we have defined our path, we are members of NATO and we are towards the EU.

“People speak for themselves, through a referendum or a legitimate parliament,” said among others Meta./