Meta and Rama “break the ice”, together on Independence Day

schedule11:11 - 28 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 11:11 - 28 Nëntor, 2019

The President of the Republic and Prime Minister Rama leave behind the clashes and meet in Vlora on the 107th anniversary of Independence.

Meta is seen greeting Rama during the homage held in this city.

The holidays of this November will pass quietly,in honor of the victims in Thumane and Durres.

In a brief statement to the media from Vlora, Meta said that this could not be a holiday but a day to honor the National Flag.

He advocated for the unification of politics.

“Today is not a day to celebrate, but a day to honor the National Flag. We have to commit ourselves to heal the wounds caused by the earthquake as soon as possible.

To be closer to the families that have lost their relatives and loved ones.

The politic must always be united on the most important issues of the country and the state, of our people and our coexistence.

Today will be just like any other day ,like the usual Thursday to fulfill a mission similar to that of Albania’s EU membership ”./