DP denounces socialist militants who are taking multiple rents

schedule10:47 - 14 Dhjetor, 2019

schedule 10:47 - 14 Dhjetor, 2019

The Democratic Party has said it is abusing  with the earthquake rental bonuses.


SCANDAL! Government abuse of earthquake rental bonuses is proven. Socialist militants receive multiple rents.

The municipality of Durres released a few days ago the families that  will receive rent bonuses due to damage to their homes after the November 26 earthquake.

The media has often publicized accusations by residents of Durres and surrounding areas, mostly  struck by the earthquake, that the government is discriminating  those who are known as political opponents.

One such case is Manza.

It is one of the most quake-hit areas, but many residents still sleep in tents , while socialist leaders deprive rent bonuses that do not belong to them./abcnews.al