Cyber-attacks, arrest warrants for 5 IT employees

schedule11:00 - 30 Nëntor, 2022

schedule 11:00 - 30 Nëntor, 2022

The Prosecutor’s Office of Tirana has issued five arrest warrants for the cyber attack on state systems. It is learned that it is about five IT employees of the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Public Administration who are accused of misuse of duties.

The prosecution at the Court of First Instance in Tirana requests the security measure “House arrest” for five IT employees at the Department of Public Administration (DAP).

The request is made for the criminal offense of “Misuse of duty” provided for by Article 248 of the Criminal Code for the cyber attack against the state institution of the National Agency for National Insurance. The employees in question were engaged in the IT position at DAP during the same time when the administratë.al system was implemented and maintained.