Bad weather, ARA announcement about the condition of roads in the country

schedule12:34 - 13 Janar, 2021

schedule 12:34 - 13 Janar, 2021

Albanian Road Authority (ARA) has announced an improvement of the condition of road axes throughout Albania, noting that all main roads are passable.

According to the official announcement, the rains have already stopped and stones have fallen only in Elbasan-Rrogozhina. Even in this axis it was intervened immediately by doing a thorough cleaning.

“Rain and snow have stopped, bringing about an improvement in the condition of the axes. In the road segment Elbasan-Rrogozhinë, there were stone falls, measures were taken immediately by the working group and the axis was completely cleaned.

Work on routine maintenance continues. There are no problems with traffic on all main axes”, stated ARA. /