Arben Kraja: SPAK is conducting very important investigations

schedule11:55 - 23 Shtator, 2022

schedule 11:55 - 23 Shtator, 2022

The head of the Special Structure, Arben Kraja, has promised more results from the institution he leads, while the country has started the path to membership after the opening of negotiations.

In the presentation of the European Union’s EU4LEA project, for Law Enforcement in Albania, Kraja asked for the EU’s help and pledged that they will be cooperative to meet the objectives to be achieved.

Among other things, the head of SPAK emphasized that the crime situation in the country requires a strong response. He said there are many important investigations ahead.

“Each of the institutions has its own tasks. Even those of law enforcement have an important role. Including the crime situation that requires a strong response, I think that the project is at the right time to realize these objectives.

SPAK has been formally consolidated as a structure. BKH investigators are all busy. The situation is that everyone is very active. We have many important investigations ahead and in this sense it is time to move forward. The level we have reached, I think, has come with continuous growth.

We have 20 joint investigative teams. We are trying and we are serious about going to the end. We work closely with Europol.

The project will be of help to us. We are serious about the work we do. We will objectively investigate all the cases we have and provide results.

I want to guarantee the leaders of the project that they will be cooperative in achieving the objectives of the project. We will be serious partners and we need your help. We will have more results”, declared Kraja.