76 hospitalized and 2 intubated: How is the condition of patients in the hospitals?

schedule12:00 - 25 Qershor, 2020

schedule 12:00 - 25 Qershor, 2020

During the last 24 hours  Albania has noticed a decrease in the number of hospitalized patients compared to the last two days.

According to the ISHP, 76 patients are currently being treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, 14 of whom are in intensive care, while 2 are intubated.

Meanwhile, the good news is that in the last few hours, 33 citizens have been recovered bringing the total number to 1250  since the beginning of the epidemic.

Meanwhile, 78 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed today, bringing the total number to 2192, while are 894 active cases with COVID-19, mainly in Tirana, Shkodra, Durres./abcnews.al