2 victims and 67 new cases in the last 24 hours in Albania

schedule11:56 - 4 Korrik, 2020

schedule 11:56 - 4 Korrik, 2020

The Ministry of Health has confirmed today, 67 new cases with coronavirus.

Also the ministry has while 2 elderly people lost their lives as a result of Covid-19, also 45 have been recovered in the last 24 hours

Positive cases are listed in:

-34 cases in Tirana,

-9 in Shkodra,

-6 in Kavaja,

-4 in Elbasan,

-3 in Kurbin, Korça,

-2  in Kukës, Krujë,

-1 case in Fier, Lezha, Lushnje, Kamza.

Currently in Albania there are 1108 active cases with COVID-19, mainly in Tirana, Shkodra, Durres.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection once again appeal on businesses, institutions, to correctly implement safety protocols at work, approved by the health authorities.

When it is possible  employees should work from home to minimize contact between them and the spread of infection.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection appeals to citizens to be careful in implementing the measures imposed.

Maintain physical distance, wash your hands often, use masks or protective barriers in public places or wherever it is not possible to keep your distance, disinfect objects and ventilate the premises where you stand.

The virus is still between us, and we can only defeat it if we change our daily behavior by following established rules. Success will depend on the individual behavior of each citizen.

In case you suspect that you are affected by Covid19 or have had contact with affected persons, isolate yourself. If you have signs of illness, call the National Emergency Number, 127./abcnews.al