110th anniversary of Independence, Balla visits the former leaders of KLA

schedule12:27 - 29 Nëntor, 2022

schedule 12:27 - 29 Nëntor, 2022

The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, went to The Hague today to visit the leaders of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army). On Tuesday morning, Balla published a video on his Facebook account in which he is seen entering the premises of the court.

Together with the video, he clarifies that he went to The Hague for the Independence Day of Albania, as he also announced during the joint Kosovo-Albania plenary session in the Parliament, when he also mentioned Hashim Thaçi

“The Hague. For the holidays of Independence and Liberation of Albania to the liberators of Kosovo”, he wrote.

We remind you that the former commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army are being held in The Hague, under charges of war crimes.