Rama: We will increase the minimum wage and double the economic aid

schedule12:47 - 23 Shkurt, 2021

schedule 12:47 - 23 Shkurt, 2021

In his press conference where the focus is on the economy, Prime Minister Edi Rama has promised further increase of the minimum wage and doubling of economic aid.

The head of government has expressed that the ambition of the government is to further increase the minimum wage for all.

Part of the speech:

“We have doubled the economic aid and we will keep it double until the end of the pandemic.

Who judges our second term and will give an objective opinion should not forget that it was the most extraordinary mandate in history, because half of this mandate has been at war with 2 extraordinary disasters and as we are coming out victorious from the earthquake war , healing step by step the wounds that the earthquake.

“I am aware that this is a key moment in this war and is related to vaccination,” said Rama./abcnews.al