Rama: We are not going to wait Venice for the Electoral Code

schedule15:29 - 26 Tetor, 2020

schedule 15:29 - 26 Tetor, 2020

Prime Minister Edi Rama has responded to the European Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi regarding his request that the Assembly should wait for the response of the Venice Commission for the Electoral Code.

Rama says that the opinion of Venice is always welcomed but the procedure in this case according to him is very clear: The refusal of the president is accepted or rejected by the parliament. Regarding to the latter, Rama says that he will express his opinions without losing a single day, implying here that the Opinion of Venice will not be expected.

The head of government accuses Meta of being engaged as an extremist against the Albanian Parliament and Government, while adding that he can not take anyone hostage except the institution he leads.

“Venice’s opinion is welcome every time, but these elections does not wait for a day outside the procedures”, says Rama./abcnews.al