P.M, Rama:”We will make it possible for all Albanians to be repatriated to their country”

schedule13:05 - 27 Mars, 2020

schedule 13:05 - 27 Mars, 2020

Prime Minister Edi Rama said in a press release that the country is already in a state of emergency. According to him, this situation caused by coronavirus is a “world war”.

“This situation needs no explanation, but patience is a weapon that we all need. All of us are falling apart so that no one is left alone. We worked day and night to prevent coronavirus, ”Rama said.

He further said that the criticisms are shameful.

“The reaction of some citiziens are shameful at such a difficult time when patience, understanding, national unity are needed. We don’t have a magic wand and I’m not seeing any miracles happen.

On Monday, we will start flights to bring our citizens here,stare among others Rama./abcnews.al