Manastirliu: Free flu vaccinations to eldery age and social care staff

schedule14:32 - 1 Tetor, 2020

schedule 14:32 - 1 Tetor, 2020

On International Day for Older Persons, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu visited the Care Home in Tirana.

Manastirliu has indicated that the flu vaccination program will continue with the elderly and employees of social care homes across the country.

Expressing gratitude to the caregivers of the nursing home and care centers for the work and sacrifice in these difficult months of the pandemic, Manastirliu said that all procedures have been followed  for the protection of the elderly in social care centers.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has funded 360 thousand doses of vaccine, certified and provided through international partners for more risked groups of people./