Macron arrives in Tirana as part of the EU-Western Balkans Summit

schedule11:14 - 6 Dhjetor, 2022

schedule 11:14 - 6 Dhjetor, 2022

27 European leaders are expected to arrive in the capital to participate in the Summit. The French leader told the media that he is happy to be in Albania and that they have concrete projects to discuss.

The war in Ukraine is a security issue for the entire region. We have been working since March, but I am very happy that today I am in Albania. I thank Rama for this summit at a very important moment for us.

We have concrete projects to discuss. It is important to have solidarity between the EU and the Western Balkans for energy and the integration of this part into the EU. We will have the opportunity to prepare the conclusions on energy together with the chancellor. We are a big country, we have the energy issue because of the war, but everyone does their job. The fear scenario is not for me.

In Tirana today (06.12), the EU-Western Balkans (BP) summit, the first to take place in a non-EU country and in the Balkan region, is taking place.

Official sources from the European Council (EC) indicate that this summit is “part of the implementation of the 2019-2024 strategic agenda of this Council”.

“The summit is an opportunity to reaffirm the great importance of the strategic partnership between the EU and the Western Balkans (WB), this region with a clear European perspective”, the EC press office emphasizes.