“Increasing costs delays the construction of the National Theater”, Rama announces the plan for cleaning the coast

schedule13:00 - 25 Prill, 2022

schedule 13:00 - 25 Prill, 2022

Rising construction costs have led to delays in starting construction of the new National Theater. This was admitted by Prime Minister Edi Rama himself during a conference for the start of the International Culture Week.

“It has been 3 years that we make plans and have projects to implement and meanwhile the country is facing massively strong interventions of factors outside of us.

Unfortunately after the earthquake, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, have hit hard in terms of rising prices in general and rising construction prices in particular. We are arguing that it has had a significant impact on the construction industry. There is no change regarding the project for the Theater, but it all has to do with this difficult moment for the project to go through the paper, but it all has to do with costs.

It is useless to ask companies to participate in such competitions at these prices. We are dealing with this issue and we will find a solution, the theater will be built as designed.

“But not all plans can be implemented in the set deadlines when events are introduced in the middle, neither can they be predicted nor can they be avoided”, said Rama.

Among other things, the head of government said that during the season, a scheme for cleaning the coastal area will be applied, where he asked for the cooperation of municipalities and citizens.