“I am here for Albania’s successes”, Cameron: Immigration is a problem for all in Europe and you have dealt with it

schedule12:47 - 22 Maj, 2024

schedule 12:47 - 22 Maj, 2024

Thank you prime minister. It is a special pleasure to be here today. One of the reasons why I wanted to come is to celebrate the success, for this I want to thank you because you have given a very clear direction of where Albania should reach.

What I want to say on behalf of the prime minister is that this has been a successful period because Albania is our loyal partner.

A partnership that we have created is also for the fight against organized crime. Also, a problem that we have encountered and that you have faced is emigration throughout Europe.

While Prime Minister Edi Rama says that the fight against illegal immigration in Great Britain has yielded satisfactory results, but that the operations will continue. In a joint press conference in Tirana with the British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, Rama said that Great Britain has offered its cooperation for projects in the region.

“We definitely talked about the joint project or program of the fight against illegal human trafficking, we are very satisfied, but our joint operation will continue. Willingness to discourage the flow of this traffic will be maximum in the future. It is related to the common will to get to the root of this phenomenon.

We also discussed the progress of reconciliation and cooperation processes in the region. Cameron is a staunch supporter of these processes.

The United Kingdom has expressed interest in the normalization of relations for Kosovo and Serbia, where there have been positive steps, but there is still stagnation in the country or there is a risk of going back.

I would like to thank Prime Minister Sunak and Lord Cameron for their willingness to support the offer of Albania, to become next year the host country of the great summit of the common European community, which will be held in London”, he emphasized./ abcnews.al