EU Ambassador: Albania should be removed from the money laundering gray list

schedule11:00 - 23 Shtator, 2022

schedule 11:00 - 23 Shtator, 2022

The fight against trafficking, money laundering and corruption are the conditions that Albania must fulfill, while it has started the path to EU membership, after the opening of negotiations.

These conditions were announced today by the EU ambassador in Albania, Christiane Hohmann. In the presentation of the EU4LEA project of the European Union, for Law Enforcement in Albania, the ambassador said that the opening of negotiations has brought a marathon road and that cooperation is needed.

Hohmann called Albania’s exit from the money laundering gray list an important condition, while the process of completing the chapters will begin. She also emphasized that the history of the investigations will be closely monitored.”Let me mention the critical issues regarding EU institutions. First, it will be seen how the reform in justice is being consolidated, the formation of independent justice institutions.

Secondly; the history of investigations, prosecutions and convictions in the fight against corruption and crime will be closely monitored.

Third; more results will be expected in the field of anti-money laundering. We must work together to do the impossible for Albania to get off the FATF gray list.

Fourthly; it will take a commitment in the fight against the war on the production of cannabis, weapons or human trafficking.

Fifth; the development of cooperation with EU countries, with their law enforcement agencies, with EUROPOL, etc., the continuation of cooperation is essential to develop the trust that is necessary, so it requires the use of safe channels.

We want Albania to be successful in this effort, that’s why we are here. This law enforcement project is here. According to this project, member states are ready to join forces to provide the appropriate expertise. We must work together for a safer Albania.

Albania should be removed from the money laundering gray list. We will continue to rely on your full commitment. In a world that is increasingly turbulent, cooperation in the field of justice must be stronger. This also requires a strong dialogue at the political level.

On November 3 and 4, Tirana will welcome the ministerial meeting between the EU and the Western Balkans”, she declared.