Doctor appeals to citizens: Increase the sense of responsibility

schedule10:31 - 8 Korrik, 2020

schedule 10:31 - 8 Korrik, 2020

The Minister of Health has appeal once again to respect the measures  to prevent the spread of Covid-19. She says this would be an appreciation for life and gratitude for the health staff who face the Covid-19 virus on the front lines every day.

“We need to increase the sense of responsibility in each of us to implement some simple measures, such as distancing, masking and personal and collective hygiene.

It would be an expression of appreciation for life and an expression of gratitude for the health personnel who face every day on the front line with COVID19 ″, says Babameto in the message shared by the minister.

“Please listen to the appeal of prof. Adriana Babameto from QSUT “, writes Manastirliu./