Clashes in “5 Maji”, Gledis Nano: Injured police officers are out of danger

schedule12:33 - 22 Shkurt, 2022

schedule 12:33 - 22 Shkurt, 2022

The director of the State Police Gledis Nano reacted to the clashes that took place this morning at “5 Maji” in the capital. Nano said that the people who have been injured have received medical assistance and are out of danger for life.

“Police officers who were injured in the demolition operation have received first aid and are out of danger for life. There are also three municipal police officers who have been injured.

They too are out of danger. “They received medical assistance and left the hospital,” he said.

Nano also spoke about the drug test in the ranks of police officers.

“The drug test will continue and today we have made a public announcement about this,” he said.

Among other things, Nano warned that criminal groups would be hit very soon, dismissing the situation as out of control.