Basha: Tourism sector ‘hardest-hit’ by the pandemic

schedule14:35 - 8 Gusht, 2020

schedule 14:35 - 8 Gusht, 2020

Leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, published pictures of empty beaches on Saturday, saying the tourism sector is the hardest-hit in Albania. According to the DP leader, 100.000 employees of this sector and over 200.000 others related to it, are unsure about the future of their work and the survival of their families.

“In these summer days, more than half of Albanians find it impossible to go in vacations with their children after several very difficult months.

Although it accounts for 22% of the Albanian economy, tourism is today the branch most affected by the crisis and pandemic. 100.000 employees in this sector and over 200.000 others related to it, are unsure of their work and survival and that of their families.


Our proposals for overcoming the crisis have tourism as a priority that must be supported with sufficient liquidity to be fully operational. A responsible government should subsidize citizens and inject money through concrete support measures.

Albanians, but also tourism businesses need concrete measures and assistance to be able to take children to beaches or mountains, and for the tourism business to function.

The tourism industry can not move forward with video propaganda of beaches that today are almost empty.

Empty promises remain just words and propaganda from which no one benefits. The DP is working with the best experts on an economic plan that will help tourism and the entire economy. We will end fiscal favors for 5 individuals, while over 95% of market operators risk bankruptcy,” said Basha. /