Basha signs an agreement with the National Association of Small and Medium Business

schedule14:29 - 14 Prill, 2021

schedule 14:29 - 14 Prill, 2021

The Leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has signed the agreement with the national association of small and medium business.

Basha called this agreement a step towards the main goal of the Democratic Party for economic recovery, national economic awakening, job creation and increase of salaries for Albanians.

Parts from the speech of Basha:


Mr. President of the National Association of Small and Medium Business, honorable members of the presidency, it is a pleasure and a special honor to be here today at the headquarters of the Democratic Party in a meeting that concludes years of cooperation and standing side by side.

For me personally, the primary objective of the political force that was born with the ideals of freedom, democracy and free market, the Democratic Party of Albania, which was born from the movement of students, professors and intellectuals, is in the interests of the persecuted and the owners. to return it in the same way to the political force of the Albanian enterprise. Albanian free enterprise and in particular small and medium enterprise.

There is no greater honor and pleasure than to start with this partnership with business, with the enterprise and in particular with the small and medium enterprise that constitutes 98.5% of the Albanian enterprise.

The main goal of Albanians regardless of political persuasion is membership in the European Union. This is the main objective of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party of Albania and the Small Business Association in Albania declare with full public responsibility the signing of this agreement:

1.)Regarding the support of small and medium enterprises, the ruling Democratic Party of the country is fully committed to providing strong and immediate support to business in general and small and medium business in particular through: liberation of the market from oligarchy, crime and bureaucracy, governance through the concept of a small but efficient state with the priority of free enterprise and where government spending is low and public investment is high, immediate reduction of the fiscal burden as an essential instrument to restart the country’s economic engine, radical improvement of business climate, drastic reduction of state bureaucracy, transformation of Albania into 30 most attractive countries in the world for attracting foreign direct investment, deepening of regulatory reform with the aim of radical transformation of the system of permits, licenses, inspection in order to combat corruption, cost reduction for business and elimination of government arbitrariness, increasing transparency and market competitiveness, supporting small and medium-sized businesses for technological development innovation according to the model of the most developed countries in Europe

2-)Important regulatory and fiscal measures which will include: inspectorates of any kind will be reorganized in a comprehensive manner, in parallel with this reform all businesses will benefit a period of 12 months during which they will be inspected but will not be fined . So a moratorium on fines for 12 months.

3-) Increasing the registration limit for VAT to ALL 14 million, which will be a single limit, both for VAT and for income tax.

Setting the total local tariff tax with 0.5% of the annual turnover. This is our commitment.

Lulzim Basha, said that he personally have an extraordinary trust in Albanian business, and especially in Albanian small and medium business./