Albanian P.M, Edi Rama announces new measures against coronavirus in Albania

schedule12:25 - 10 Prill, 2020

schedule 12:25 - 10 Prill, 2020

Prime Minister Rama, through a status on Facebook, has announced that the time zone for food services, pharmaceutical and banking services will start to expand, until 17.30.

Rama further writes that if we maintain this pace with the coronavirus, within a week, the movement of private vehicles of those who work in the allowed space of economic activity can begin.

Rama emphasizes that at the beginning of next week, the extended financial support package will be published, in order to directly facilitate small business, and also big business.

Rama has announced financial support, even for big business.

The Prime Minister states that the amendments to the Criminal / Road Code for the period of the state of emergency due to pandemics will be approved next week.

According to the Prime Minister, everything will begin to normality with well-defined rules./