Xhaçka: Relations with the US, the key on fulfilling the reforms

schedule11:31 - 16 Mars, 2021

schedule 11:31 - 16 Mars, 2021

On the 30th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Albania and the United States of America, Foreign Minister Olta Xhaçka said that the partnership with the United States has a special importance in the transformation of the country.

Xhaçka, among other things, stressed out that the role of the US is very important, especially in the Justice Reform.

“Kim knows my story. My great-grandfather lived in America for 30 years but came back to contribute to his country. I went and studied there and then returned to Albania as my grandfather to contribute to my country. I was 10 years old when James Backer visited Albania. My father had taken me to see him. For me who knows for how many families like mine it was a moment of reunion.

The relationship between our countries is so strong because it builds on the foundations of the human ties that live between us. It is more than that a relationship between two peoples that unite innumerable family and human values and threads.
The facts have shown how vital the relationship with the US and Albania has been. How would the history of transitional Albanians have been without the support of the USA.

At every moment the US has been there for us to support us. Albania with many problems and challenges today has very little in common with Albania then. Justice reform would have been more difficult without this US support.

It is enough to see the position of the opposition. I was looking at the documents that were put in today and one was the deal. Albania is a safe place for serious investments. “When Yuri sends a letter on the 60th anniversary, this relationship will have progressed more”, said Xhaçka./abcnews.al