Two people have been arrested in Kruja for cultivation of narcotics

schedule10:47 - 12 Maj, 2021

schedule 10:47 - 12 Maj, 2021

Two people have been arrested in Kruja for cultivating narcotics. According to the police, the citizen Sh. S., 42 years old, resident in Gramez, Kruja, for the criminal offense “Cultivation of narcotic plants”, has been declared wanted, after the Court of the Kruja Judicial District has imposed the security measure “Prison arrest” for the same criminal offense.

At the time of capture, in the village of Mallkuc, police officers found this citizen by opening 50 holes like those used for the cultivation of narcotic plants cannabis sativa.

Also, the Kruja Police services have arrested in flagrante delicto the citizen T. Sh., 47 years old, resident in Mallkuc, because during the control exercised in the yard of his apartment, they found cultivated some cannabis sativa plants, which were seized in the quality of material evidence./